Tianjian environmentally friendly kitchen waste equipment settled in Yongfeng County Waste Treatment Station

      Yongfeng County, Jiangxi has a registered population of 480,000. In order to solve the large amount of food waste generated in the county every day, relevant departments of Yongfeng County have built a centralized food waste treatment station, and purchase equipment from Tianjian Environmental Protection to process about 20 tons of food waste per day.

      The project adopts a vehicle-mounted automatic split operation mode, one-key start from food waste feeding to organic fertilizer processing and discharging, and adopts the Internet of Things system, real-time monitoring and data upload. The main functional modules of the equipment are: silo, Function modules such as feeding and conveying, squeezing and crushing, water washing, slag conveying, automatic binning, biochemical treatment, deodorization, oil-water separation, and IoT control.