Tianjian Catering Oil Separator Enters Wuhan Commercial Complex
      After visiting, understanding, and comparing procedures for the Wuhan Yijiang Jingcheng project, 8 sets of Tianjian TJGT3 series fully automatic oil separation and lifting integrated equipment were purchased at one time. As a financial and creative complex of approximately 780,000 square meters, Yijiangjing City integrates high-quality residential buildings, high-quality office buildings, bright commercials, and smart apartments. After the completion of the project, a beautiful scenery line will be formed in the Qingshan area of the main axis of the Yangtze River, illuminating the Qingshan Riverside CBD . The supermarket complex is different from ordinary restaurants in that the complex has convened Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, hot pot and other restaurants. The content of this kind of catering wastewater is complex, and if it is not discharged through professional oil separation equipment, it will seriously pollute the environment. Today, I recommend a Tianjian TJGT3 series of fully automatic oil separation and lifting integrated equipment. The whole body is 304 stainless steel, which can realize the functions of automatic oil separation, slag removal, sludge collection and discharge, automatic sewage lifting, and odor transmission in a closed structure. The oil separator is suitable for the treatment and discharge of catering wastewater in the catering area of various commercial complexes.