Fujian Zhongmin Parkway purchases Tianjian catering oil separation equipment

      How to choose the type of catering oil and water equipment in the supermarket complex? The equipment can be divided into above-ground oil separation equipment and underground oil separation and lifting integrated equipment according to the installation location. Choosing the right one is the best. Anhui Tianjian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. arranges personnel to survey the site before sales and make plans for projects, each with a special plan.

       The total area of Zhongmin Parkway Lucuo Store is approximately 23,288 square meters. B2F operates a large supermarket with an area of approximately 3,725 square meters, covering items including fresh food, food, daily necessities, small household appliances, tobacco and alcohol, etc. The store is located in a densely populated area with a population of more than 20,000. Under such a condition, the project leader chose two sets of TJGT3 series oil separation and lifting integrated equipment from Tianjian Company. The equipment has the following functions: automatic slag removal, sludge collection and discharge, oil-water separation, oil collection and discharge, automatic sewage lifting and discharge functions, and measures to prevent the transmission of odor in wastewater, prevent grease agglomeration, and prevent overflow And other measures and functions.